Invoicing & Reporting

Invoicing & Reporting

One of the key benefits of the integrated approach of ServiceLogic is the flexibility of invoicing, reporting and analysis. ServiceLogic houses numerous invoicing functions the key ones of which are accompanied by invoicing profiles which streamline the process of invoice production. The nature of the industry dictates that very often the clients particularly in relation to invoicing define the outputs from the system. For this reason the invoice production is heavily parameterised where single invoices per call or bulk summary invoices may be produced with or without accompanying schedules. Facilities also exist to define which data elements are printed on the invoices. Whilst ServiceLogic houses interfaces to standard financial systems the final invoice document can still be produced in more detail and more efficiently.

Invoice Features

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Expertlogic developed reports will also facilitate the gridding of the data used in the report at run-time to allow easy transfer to other desktop office products.