ServiceLogic Contract, Location and Plant Register

The core data within ServiceLogic comprises the contract, location and plant register with supporting tables for data validation and analysis. ServiceLogic caters for unlimited contracts with the ability to attach multiple contracts to each location with unlimited plant/equipment entries per contract per location. Location records should be unique and technologies are included to alleviate the creation of duplicate location records together with block location import facilities. The plant records maintained specialise in the collection of heating appliance characteristics. The system caters for the maintenance of the Landlord Gas Safety related data to allow the production of the Landlord Gas Safety Certificate if required. Comprehensive details are retained on each plant item facilitating detailed reporting and statistics. Scheduling of planned maintenance can be achieved by location or plant item for domestic and commercial contracts. Comprehensive pricing and frequency with full history of services and reactive calls to plant item level.

Contract Register

Comprehensive contract details
Cost/invoice rates & schedule options
General or dedicated schedule of rates
Accounts interface options
Work category options and exclusions
Invoice retention details by work category
VAT percentages by work category
Comprehensive note taking & history
Document attachments
Global rate updates
Comprehensive job numbering options
Additional appliance rates

Location Register

Comprehensive search facilities :
* Part of address

* Client Reference

* Unique Property ID * Block retrieval

Bulk data import wizard
Duplicate address filter
Comprehensive contract related data
Service history drill down
Real-time call & service statistics
Associated appliance details
Comprehensive notes
Document attachments

Plant Register

Identity via code, group or unique no.
Make, model & serial number details
Contract take-on condition details
Full Landlord Safety Survey Results
Real-time call statistics
Service scheduling frequency & rates
Service history drill-down

Supporting Elements