call logging and progression

The ServiceLogic call logging and progression module consists of a number of integrated forms which facilitate the initial logging of the symptom reported by the client, through allocation to the engineer and work/timesheet recording. Each stage of the process is fully audited with field level auditing of all changes made after the initial logging for all call types including responsive and planned.

Application alert facilities exist under parameter control to notify nominated users of certain system events eg. Priority calls not allocated etc. Such events cannot be dismissed; the action of allocating the call removes the alerts. User definable status codes exist which can be set up to collect additional status details for pending reasons, cancellation reasons etc. The multi-user nature of this application makes it difficult to control the allocation of reactive calls to engineers. The system contains a number of features designed to assist with this task. The first is the application event notifications that occur when a call within a parameter controlled priority range is left unallocated for a parameter set period of time. The other is the outstanding call update function that allows the user to extract outstanding calls via a variety or criterion that includes; call status, contract, zone, engineer, client district or area. From the resulting records there are options to present details of the calls and to allocate or change the status with minimal keystrokes.

A facility is also available to automatically send an SMS text message to the engineer. If the SMS text fails to reach the server the originating user will be notified via pop-up messages. The pen-ultimate stage of the call life cycle is the recording of the engineer’s activity, if access could not be gained the no-access details are recording for subsequent invoicing or client notification if the contract dictates this. If access is gained then the work-recording module facilitates speedy entry of the vast amount of information on the engineer timesheet and job docket/gas safety certificate.

Call Logging

Comprehensive search facilities

* Part address

* Call No

* Order No

* User defined query via wizard

Full history with symptom text & drill-down
Contract filtering
Pre-populated codes fields & defaults

* Speed up call logging

Plant register display & logging by plant
Full call display

* Call details

* Invoice & work recording tabs

* Full auditing

Comprehensive grid functions

* OLE drag & drop to office products

* Automatic export to excel

* On-screen grid statistics from history

In-built user query facility
Allocation & Detail amendment
Planned service details & status
Service History
Resource loading around service date
Quick change of service date
Document status

Work Recording

Comprehensive call retrieval functions

* Part address

* Call No

* Order No

* User defined query via wizard

General call status updates
Invoicing updates
Plant gas safety updates
Additional appliance service updates
On the fly quick plant creation