alerts & notifications


Notification, call-back or reminder functions exist as a core standard throughout the full ServiceLogic suite with source code integration facilitating both the use of user driven events and application driven events. The primary mechanism in place to alert users to notifications, call-backs and/or reminders is a pop-up function facilitated by the Windows operating system. Complementing the pop-up function is a series of alternative presentation tools that include the diary and a scheduled task manager if you require a less intrusive presentation. User controlled parameters exist to control the frequency of notifications together with parameters to control other notification related activities.

user driven notifications

Found in a dedicated ribbon of notification functions users may create new, view sent & received notifications and progress existing notifications.

call backs

A key element of successful customer service is communication, Call backs are integrated functions that are available from a variety of sources within ServiceLogic dedicated to the customer call back function, complementing the pop-up notification all call backs will also be added to the scheduled task manager and also the user diary.


Controlled by the user preference options the scheduled task manager may be automatically displayed on login, and then available from the notification ribbon. Tasks may be assigned to a specific user by system events based on workflow or added directly by the user or other users.