Administration & Presentation

The ServiceLogic suite of service industry applications are complemented by a comprehensive set of administration tools which allow administrators to control users, access levels and common presentation features of the various forms within the applications.

Multi Document Interface
User definable quick access toolbar
Choice of 3 menu styles :

* Button bar

* Drop down

* Tree List

Swap company on the fly
User definable default characteristics :

* Grid alternate colours

*Text box mode colours

*Default menu style

*Personal & global reminders

Automatic application alerts
On-line help :

* Form help through pop-down menus

* User maintainable form help

* Training videos on line

* Form field help through tool tip text.

Administrator Tools

User maintenance & access levels
User groups & group access levels
Connection / company parameters
Module, menu & form maintenance
Icon import & attachment to forms
Global presentation parameters
Application options
Server file locations
System report characteristics
Report spooling & archiving