Who is it for?

ServiceLogic consists of a suite of highly integrated service industry related computer software modules that have evolved through continued development and partnerships with service contractors and local authority DLOs since 1990. Although designed primarily for the heating service industry, the flexible parameter driven approach of the developments allow for the relatively simple adaptation to other service related industries.

Expertlogic - The Company behind ServiceLogic

ExpertLogic is a professional and dedicated team of expert software developers. We apply logic to problems to help our clients identify a solution. Our processes are efficient, thorough and clear. We adhere to very high level of standards. Our client communication is clear, easy to understand, logical and informative.

The ExpertLogic Approach

ExpertLogic specialises in the development of cost effective custom software using the latest technology. We also have a vast library of tried and tested ready-to-run applications. The applications cover a diverse area and include; Credit Control, Payroll, Training & Personnel, Housing Management, Service Control, Mobile Data Collection and Order Processing & Distribution.