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Expertlogic Limited is a professional and dedicated team of expert software developers.

Why we are

Our ethos at ExpertLogic is to produce software and applications that free clients of mundane tasks to help them to focus on the bigger picture.

Where you are

Are you seeking a software solution? An upgrade? We invite you to ask us how we can help your business.

How it starts

If you have an interest, ask us for a free no obligation online demonstration.

Why choose ServiceLogic ?

ServiceLogic is your SPECIALIST SOFTWARE SOLUTION aimed at the Service industry.

Self Help

Self help empowers customers by allowing them to choose how they interact with you


Modular in design, you choose which modules you need now and simply add modules as your business grows


Mobile enabled in-field operatives


Our support packages provide your business with reliable, responsive and timley support.


A myriad of both server & web based functionality that links all the elements together

ServiceLogic Customers

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